About me

So I am just an ordinary girl with flowers in my hair and a song in my heart, who loves to write stuff. Sommer anything that comes to mind. I mainly write in Afrikaans as I am mos a boeremeisie, but will drop some English literature here and there. I am one of 8 kids, and yes -same parents.. And no,we didn’t have a tv 😜. You will read a lot about my family as I miss them dearly, and off course we made a lot of awesome memories when growing up together in a busy but happy home. I am married to a very handsome and smart guy, who I met when I was sixteen. Yup he is that good, he voluntarily put up with my late night skarreling around like a veldmuis when it is bedtime, cause I am mos a night owl – as the rest of my family. And also with my talking.. I talk alot. And. I. Love. It! We also have the cutest, most vocal (coincidence?) little furr ball cat. She is my proof reader and always stamps her pawfect approval before I may publish anything.

On the working side – I work as an accountant (bookkeeper) in Cape Town. Yup, figures don’t talk, but they always seems to add up.

I also study part time towards a degree in Financial Management.

My hobbies would include: working out(gym), cycling, running, hiking, reading, writing, photography, watching some old Afrikaans MNet Series, drinking wine and anything thats lekker including listening to good music and – having a middagslapie (thats my ultimate bederfie)..

So that’s me in a nutshell☺

I hope you enjoy my writing

Natani xx